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The Girls


Unfortunately in April 2019 Aspen was retired due to a uterine infection.

Aspen had been the perfect addition to our family.  Her gentle, sweet temperament with her eagerness to please makes for the best dog we have ever had.  She LOVES to "play" with the chickens.  Her point is beautiful. But the thing that brings her the most joy is her tennis ball.  She could fetch for days.


Molly is a new addition to our family.  She came to us in the middle of May in 2019 from Arizona so I know she can handle the heat but I wonder how she will handle the winter.  She has become my little shadow and I love it.  She loves the water, and loves to retrieve. She looks so much like Aspen.  I often get her and Aspen mixed up. 


Blaise came to us from Arizona too.  She came with Molly.  This girl is really coming out of her shell and she is a hoot.  She tries to sleep on my chest. Which is not the most comfortable  thing, but I am so glad she is fitting in here with us.  She enjoys retrieving with the rest of the girls.  She also is fascinated with the chickens and loves their eggs.


Magnolia (Maggs) has been with me since she was 8 weeks old.  She loves running and wrestling with the other dogs. It will be a while until she is ready to be a mamma but I can't wait to see her grow and mature.

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