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Why Aspen Grove Kennels

We pride ourselves in the time and attention we put into each and every puppy.  From the loving and tender care they receive at birth, to building a solid training foundation for you to build upon at home.  These dogs are quick learners, hard workers and wonderful companions.  

What comes home with your puppy

  • Food                 

  • Blanket with mamas scent

  • Wooden pellets for potty training

  • Health Records (vaccination records)

  • Puppy Welcome Home Kit!

  • AKC paperwork

Crate Trained

If you choose, we will start the process of crate training so when you take your pup home, the crate is already a familiar and comfortable place.

Potty Training

We start potty training right off the bat.  Once pups start to open their eyes and get mobile (around 3-4 weeks of age) we jump right in with potty training. 


It is very important that pups are socialized at a young age.  We provide an environment where the puppies will be exposed to noises, smells, textures and other animals.  My 4 boys love hugging and loving on the puppies, so they will be used to having young ones around.

Feeding you Pup

Your new pups will need to be fed softened puppy food 3 times a day.  You will need to make sure to do your research on what food is best for your puppy.  In your Puppy Welcome Home Kit!, you will get a small bag of the food that we have been giving them along with feeding recommendations and type of food it is. I recommend using to help with your research.


All pups have their tails docked and their dew claws removed.  This is done at 3-5 days old.  They will have their 8 week vaccinations done unless new owner would like different.  Each pup will be dewormed.

Obedience Training

Obedience Training

Teaching basic behavioral skills early on helps your pup not develop poor habits and establish good ones.  So I begin teaching things like: not jumping, not to bite on humans and other similar behaviors early.  This gives your dog a great foundation for the rest of training.


Open and often communication is something I believe is important through this process, even after pup goes to their new home.  Adding a new member to your family is exciting and I want you to feel that excitement as much as possible as well as get prepared.  I do photo updates often.  It's so fun to see how much the pups change in just a weeks time.  I do Marco Polo videos (it's a fun video app) where I do group training videos and litter updates.  I also use this as a way to communicate with you individually. We are a community and I want you to feel like family so I try to respond to phone calls, text and emails as quickly as possible.  I LOVE updates about how pups are doing at their new homes and I am always here if you need any help with anything with your pup.

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