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Bryan S. Orlando FL

Red Boy, Beckham

I had been looking for the right breeder to purchase a GSP from for over a year and never seemed to find the right one. I found Aspen Grove Kennels on Instagram and the pups were beautiful and I knew this was the breeder for me. The communication was amazing! I was provided with steady updates on my pup that I had selected and they updated their site with pictures for each week of his development. Gina even started a Marco Polo group for all the future owners where they gave us training, progress, important information, and just some puppy loving video updates. They made my first time purchase a breeze and were always, and still are available for questions.


Highly recommend Aspen Grove Kennels for your next addition to
your family!!!

Jenn W, Ut

Dark Blue Boy, Buddy

This was our first experience buying from a breeder (and buying a puppy no less) so we were very green.  They walked us through every stage, what to expect and eased all our stresses.  They provided constant communication on the puppies progress and helpful tips and tricks. Plus, did you see all the cute pictures?  Added bonus that we live 15 min away so we could pop in anytime to visit before we brought him home! Everyone who meets Buddy (our pup) is in awe of his beautiful markings and wonderful temperament.  Of course, he is a puppy but he takes commands very well, sleeps in his crate like a champ and was practically potty trained when we received him.  This is not a puppy mill, this is a wonderful loving family who takes great pride in their dogs and wants to provide the best experience for everyone.  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to add a GSP to their family!

About Aspen Grove Kennels

I have always had a love for animals, especially dogs. I used to pretend that I had 101 Dalmatians.  I would take them everywhere with me.  You can imagine how much my mom loved the time it took to load my imaginary puppies into our car wherever we went.  So now that I am an adult I get to play out my childhood dream only instead of Dalmatians I have GSP's and instead of 101 I have a manageable couple of litters every year.  Something that exceeds my dream is getting to do this with my 4 young boys.  These kids are such great helpers and we all just love these pups.  We do get attached and it's hard to say goodbye but we have the best extended family in our puppies new families.

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