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The Boys


Scout is a very smart and sweet boy.  He came from Teton Bird Dogs in Idaho.  His dad (Teton) is a Senior Hunter.  Teton’s Pedigree includes DC AFC Gamble’s Odyssey Fritz MH RD, and Shooting Starr’s lines.

Scout is one of the most snuggliest dogs I hae every met.  He loves to retrieve and play and play.  


Molly is a new addition to our family.  She came to us from Arizona so I know she can handle the heat but I wonder how she will handle the winter.  She has become my little shadow and I love it.  She loves the water, and loves to retrieve. She looks so much like Aspen.  I often get her and Aspen mixed up. 


This girl is really coming out of her shell and she is a hoot.  She loves to retrieve. She tries to sleep on my chest. Which is not the most comfortable  thing. But I am so glad she is fitting in here with us.

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